After School Programs

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NBS’ after school programs provide a way for students to actively participate in nature-based crafts, games, stories, and animal presentations. Seeing the same students each week creates a structured environment of team building after the school day is done.  Through our themed, age-appropriate programs, we hope to cultivate an interest in the natural world in our students.

After School Programs are offered in weekly 1-hour sessions. Each class can accommodate a minimum of 7 students to a maximum of 12 students, Grades K-5. Program sessions are offered for 4-7 weeks, and can be taught to children of a single or two consecutive grade levels (i.e. K-1, 3-4).

Please note that due to the multi-visit nature of these programs, our after school partnerships are primarily focused in Newport County.

After School Program Themes

Animals, Authors, Art—Each week, students will dive into a story book, meet a live animal, and complete a take-home craft based on that week’s theme. Animal topics include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and birds.

Amazing Adaptations—Get to know nature’s high-jumping, tree-climbing, tunnel-digging creatures in this active program series full of movement. You won’t want to miss out on the fun as we meet NBS’ animal ambassadors and learn why each of these animals is an important part of its native ecosystem.

NBS NatureAsk about a customized after school program series focused on seasonal changes, local wildlife, animal ambassador presentations, and access to your schoolyard or a local park. 

Predators & Prey—Eat or be eaten!  Each week's animal ambassador presentation features a predator and prey pairing, and the ecosystem where they can be found.  Students learn about how a Leopard Gecko stalks insects in the rocky deserts of the Middle East and India or about how the Hognose Snake slithers after American Toads in sandy soils of the United States, and many others.

Urban Wildlife—This program focuses on the wildlife all around us. Each week will focus on a different group of animals found around our homes and school, such as raccoons, foxes and coyotes. We will also learn how these animals can find the resources they need to live among us - and how they interact with each other in the environment. Live animals make an appearance in several of these programs.