NBS Community Outreach Programs

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About Community Outreach Programs

Community Outreach Programs
Year-round programs are perfect for libraries, senior and community centers (listed alphabetically)

Programs are $135 for one hour; Travel fee of $15 outside of Newport County

Community Outreach Program Themes

All About Raptors—Learn about the special adaptations that raptors employ for maximum hunting efficiency.  This presentation describes the differences between different groups of raptors, such as hawks and falcons, and highlights local species.

Amphibians—Amphibians are sometimes elusive, sometimes very vocal residents of southern New England.  Learn more about their natural history and ecology, local species, and important conservation issues.

Backyard Bird Habitats— Join us for a presentation focused on birds found in our backyard through the seasons, and how you can enjoy them by providing suitable habitat.  Backyard habitat can be created through planting native species that provide shelter and food, as well as by providing purchased food.  We will discuss which plant and food options work best, as well as how to identify the birds that stop by.  When we care for the natural world around us, we are in turn caring for ourselves.

Bird Biology & Natural History—This course is for people who would like to learn more about birds in general.  Seasoned birders as well as learners new to birds will come away from this program with a deeper understanding of avian behavior and biology.  Birds’ unique adaptations have changed over time and create interesting species diversity that informs the way that they interact with the world.  We will also discuss behaviors such as feeding, mate selection, and other adaptations that enhance survival.

Coyotes in RI— Join Norman Bird Sanctuary’s education staff to learn about our local wild Canid species, the Eastern Coyote. Coyotes have been gaining more and more attention lately due to our increased awareness of their presence in urban areas. In this program, we will discuss the coyote’s ecological niche, natural diet and habits, as well as the reason for their increased presence in our shared habitat.

Historical Walk through NBS—Join us on a walk through the early history of Paradise Farm, where painters such as John LaFarge and Winslow Homer once created works of art.  Learn more about how the largest single conserved piece of land on Aquidneck Island became the sanctuary that is today.